1. The list of the children selected for admission will be displayed on the school notice Board on the date given.
2. The parent shall collect the fee pay – in slip from the school office and deposit the first installment of the fees at the time of admission.
3. Admission of the selected children shall be taken on the assigned days. Those who fail to respond shall forfeit their chance.
4. Certificate and Reports: The following documents are essential at the time of admission.
      a. TRANSFER CERTIFICATE from the school last attended.
      b. Mark List (Report Card) in original.
      c. Medical Fitness Certificate: Performa will be given from the school after the result are declared: the fitness must be certified by a physician in Govt. Service.
      d. Two recent passport size photographs of the child.
5. The presence of the parents of the student to be admitted is compulsory to take admission. No representation will be accepted.